The Whitetail Deer is my Passion, however we strive to specialize in Exotic, African, and import game as well .  There are very few USDA approved facilities in Tennessee, so we feel like we are resoponsible to Provide,  Our                                 USDA #  TN-0001


The quality remains , long after the price is forgotten,  With premium quality being our foremost focus,  you get what you pay for here with us, experience, craftsmanship, and dedication to producing a lifelong lasting trophy for you.


As a commercial Taxidermy operation, we have to keep things moving without comprimisng quality.   Our number one goal is to make the artwork of your trophy the finest it could possibly ever be.  To produce a truly back to life, long lasting piece of animal artwork.  We strive for not the lowest price but an exceptionl piece of art work

While striving to create the best product,  we also make it a point to keep prompt with turn around times.   Whitetails run AROUND 6-8 MONTHS,  while the turkeys and birds are close to around 12months turn around,  and lifesize animals and exotic safaris typically go around 12 month turn around.   Some of the big safaris may run around 1 1/2 years.  We typical take a deposit for around 50% up front, and collect balance in full upon completion.   We take check and credit card or cash.   All of our animals are commercially tanned,  it makes a life long lasting product that you can  count on.

Wildlife Taxidermy was started by my Father , Foster Butt in 1985 or so.  He was a partner in Wildlife Mounting service before that in the 1970s.  I started full time with him For Wildlife Taxidermy in the year 2000.   Taxidermy was his dream growing up,  so he turned his passion into a career, and i fell into place along the way and now he has retired and i have taken over the business.   We hold a combined experience of 60 years+